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Relocations: Relocating your company

Setting up a new Corporate Office in Hong Kong is a huge undertaking requiring a vast range of services and facilities and involving much time and effort researching sources of information and service providers.

Using the services of NOA can greatly assist by streamlining these needs, providing the most comprehensive information and accessing the appropriate contacts and providers. This will prove both time and cost effective for the client.

Our facilitators are experienced, have a sound knowledge of the local market and what is involved in order to establish a Company in Hong Kong.

For example, we can:

  • advise on office costs and introduce the best available premises including offices, shops, manufacturing or storage facilities
  • organize office renovation, decoration and equipment
  • advise and facilitate connection of necessary services
  • introduce relevant business contacts, including Chambers of Commerce, trade associations, etc
  • introduce headhunter/employment agencies for all levels of staff