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Relocations: FAQ

What can you offer us?

We can provide a straight-forward housing service, a degree of orientation combined with housing, or take complete care of your expatriate staff from the time of their appointment until their ultimate departure from Hong Kong, or any variation in between.

We also provide for companies, enabling you to setup new offices before your arrival. If you wish to access China through Hong Kong, we can arrange commercial property viewings and facilities so that your company will have a easier transition/setup period.

What does orientation mean and include?

Orientation means that we will do everything in our power to make your staff's transition to Hong Kong as comfortable as possible, so they may be more focused on their duties to your company, rather than small issues that will create a work overload and much stress to your employees and their families.

This orientation includes a meeting with your newly arrived staff at their hotel, where they will be given a welcome package with information on way of life and culture with maps and literature giving detailed information.

Afterwards we will organise viewings of property, schools and medical or other facilities based on their preference, connections to clubs, societies and services of their choosing, cultural briefing, tourism suggestions for their days off, and addressing any further questions they and their family may have about Hong Kong in order to make them feel welcome.

Will someone assist with utility connections?

A facility officer will assist you or your assignee by contacting the appropriate utility companies and providing you with the application forms, information on deposits and documents prior to moving into your new premises.

If we need renovation or repair services, can you help to arrange it?

We endeavour to ensure your landlord and building management provide you with all the necessities of living in your new home, and that it is in excellent condition upon your arrival. A large collection of contact details for contractors, specialists and designers are easily passed on and meetings arranged at your convenience.

How do we find out about joining clubs, associations or recreational facilities?

We can direct your assignees and provide appropriate information about membership to any clubs, facilities or locations you may wish to frequent in the future.

We have a pet we would like to bring from overseas; how do we bring it into Hong Kong?

Overseas applicants may nominate a facilities officer in Hong Kong to address and answer any enquiries you have on this matter, and will provide the necessary contacts and details on how to process your pet into the country.