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About HKSH

Hongkong Select Homes specializes in corporate agency services provided by highly experienced property consultants, chartered surveyors, valuers, and auctioneers.

We are proud of the excellent reputation we have established with major landlords, developers and corporate clients and it is of utmost importance to us to maintain this.

We are committed to offering a standard of service which combines our professional expertise with a high degree of personal attention to each client’s individual needs.

  • With over thirty years’ experience in Hong Kong’s property market and management experience, we personally supervise the training of all staff and the negotiation of all offers to ensure the best possible outcome for each client.
  • Possessing overseas upbringing and knowledge of Hong Kong besides working alongside expats for more than twenty years, we have personal experience in relocating, and ability to provide our consultants with the most intensive training available.
  • Given the collaborative relationship established within the real estate industry, we are able to execute searches to a comprehensive and wide selection of properties in all popular locations and within all rent ranges.
  • Our services include relocations as well as housing with advice, information and assistance on the many matters involved with moving the whole family and setting up a business or office in Hong Kong.