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Island East

(Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, North Point, Braemar Hill)

The coastal area to the east of Central is dominated by large, highrise business centres and housing developments providing modern and convenient small-unit accommodation, many with sea or mountain views, communal facilities and large shopping centres.

In the Wan Chai/Causeway Bay district, as well as numerous major hotels, there are many short term and/or serviced apartments, such as the Convention Plaza Apartments, with commanding views over the harbour that are particularly popular with short term business and professional visitors that find it convenient to be within walking distance to the Convention & Exhibition Centre and nearby major office towers such as the Central Plaza, the hotels, and other government and administrative offices including the Inland Revenue and Immigration Tower. The area is also home to many popular restaurants and is a centre of colourful nightlife.

Causeway Bay, and further east towards North Point and Braemar Hill, are locations that are more popular to Asian expat families. There are many schools in the area, including the Japanese International School which, combined with the compact unit sizes and good facilities, make these areas particularly attractive to Japanese and Korean families as well as local families.

Numerous developments include large complexes such as Taikoo Shing, Pacific Palisades and Braemar Hill Mansions that provide shuttle bus services to the major business districts of Wanchai, Causeway Bay and Central, making it an easy and convenient commute to work, for shopping and/or to the entertainment nightspots.

Excellent public transport is also available, including the MTR which has stations in the major developments.